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1st Dan as Coach - Syllabus
For students that are aiming for their Dan Grade but are looking to do so as a Coach, rather than as a competitor. This allows us to take into account age and/or disposition that may prevent competitive grading.
Pre Examination
Held Grade of 1st Kyu for a minimum of one year
Current First Aid Certificate(St John/Red Cross)
Current Enhanced CRB
Child Protection/Every Child Matters.(Mytime/Sportscoach or other recognised)
Written Examination
Prepare a Course Programme Plan. Minimum 7 weeks
Prepare detailed Individual Lesson Plans based on Course Programme.
..Juvenile, Junior for 1hr
..Senior for 90 minutes
To include health and safety, pre lesson risk assessments, equipment, etc
Make full use of available resources.
Practical Examination
Note: If, due to a disability, the candidate is unable to demonstrate a technique themselves then they must be able to demonstrate how they would teach it.

Any technique from the Senior syllabus up to and including 1st Dan.

Nage no Kata

Katame no Kata

Undertake time-keeping, scoring and use of pool sheets.

Referee a number of bouts identifying basic scores, commands and decisions.

Discuss strategy for dealing with disruptive students

Identify reasonable adjustments that can be made to accommodate disability and strategies for dealing with mild learning difficulties

Take a Juvenile, Junior and a Senior class. Senior class to be pitched as a 'Master class' for 3rd Kyu to 1st Kyu. Preferably based on written examination plan above.
Post Lesson Reviews
Write up own post lesson evaluation. Include comments from a student, assistant and coach with possible improvements and adjustments. Was objective reached?
If 'YES'Was objective demanding enough?
What adjustments were made to enable objective to be reached.
If 'NO'Why not?
Was objective clear?
Was it too demanding for audience?
What adjustments were made, etc.?
Explain to the examiner what course of actions would be taken in case of an injury or other emergency.