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Weather Watch

Sadly, it sometimes snows in winter!! If it does, call first to see if the session is still on. It will have to be bad for me not to run the session.

Settled in at The Priory

It was in November 2013 that we moved from Darrick Wood to the Priory. Still love the under floor heating. MMmmm

Last session for 2015 is on Sunday 13th December.
We return after the festive break on Sunday 10th January 2016, with a special self defense session.

Forthcoming events.

Always check the Events tab at the top of the page.
Often, more details follow in the next sections
Sun 13th Dec- Last session of 2014. More Judo Games.
Sun 10th Jan
- We are back after the festive break.
Dates still TBC- Club Grading at The Priory.
- Friendly Invitation Club Comp 1 at Biggin Hill.
- Club Grading.
- Friendly Invitation Club Comp 2 at Biggin Hill.
- Club Grading.
Club Grading (Dates TBC).
The next grading for Green Dragon will be at our venue in the Priory, sometime in March, but exact date is still to be confirmed.
The other two grading sessions during the year, we will probably join in at the Biggin Hill Judo Club. Just waiting for the Biggin Hill Club to decide what they are doing !!
Courses and Competitions

Sunday 10th January 2016.
1st Session of the Year. Self Defence. Anyone can join in.
9:30- 11:00.

We'll go through grip escapes, defence against weapons, knives, guns etc...
Depending how time goes, we can also look at Many-to-One attacks and some bits on the law.
Doesn't matter if you've never done Judo before for this session. All are welcome..

Sunday in May 2016.
Invitation Friendly Judo Competition at Biggin Hill

9:30 - 3:30.

Now two set dates for this excellent competition. May and October
ALL Green Dragon members expected to attend. Aimed initially for novices, but, now caters for everyone, including Seniors and Black Belts.
No national places at stake, and a good chance for Trainee Referees as well.
Not to be missed. Just £8 and spectators are FREE.
Under 10's Weigh in 9:30 – 9:45am Start 10:00 medals at end of each group
10's - 15's Weigh in 11:30 – 12:00am Start 12:30 medals at 3:00(ish)
16+ Weigh in 1:30 – 2:00pm Start 2:00 medals at 3:30(ish)
Weight Categories to be confirmed on the day. Groups of 4 and 5.

Email us for more details.
Display Team News.
Would you be interested in being part of a Display in Bromley Norman Park in May 2016. Part of a big festival of sport. Let Sensei know. All ages and abilities needed.
Website Updates and Stuff
Any comment gratefully received. Please use the Contact Us link or the tab at the top of the page.

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